Geeky Pub Quiz 12th March

On Sunday 12th March, Sciffy will be hosting a Geeky Pub Quiz! From 6:45pm-10pm in Teviot Dining Room!

Entry into the quiz is free, even if you’re not a Sciffy member so feel free to form a team with your non-Sciffy friends! Prizes (which are fabulous) will be based on teams of 5, but your team and be whatever size you want it to be – within reason!

Those of you with Facebook can take a look at our event page!

Annual General Meeting 16th March

The Sciffy AGM will take place on Thursday 16th March, at 9pm in David Hume Tower LG11 (straight after series night).

We’ll be voting on any changes to the constitution as well as voting in a new committee. You must be a member of the society to vote in the AGM, but if you’re not currently a member you can join at any point before the AGM starts.

B-movie Script Writing Event

At Sciffy, we’re big fans of B-movies (Shark in Venice, Manborg, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, to name a few) so we’re collaborating with CreateSoc and the Movie Production Society to bring you a special B-movie script writing workshop! Delicious cake and biscuits will be provided!

When: 7-9:30pm,Tuesday 29th November 2016

Where: G.06, 50 George Square

Remember that in order to write scripts, you’ll need to bring something like a laptop/tablet or a writing utensil and some paper!

Series Nights

Series nights are every Thursday during the semester, beginning on the 22nd of September. Series nights take place in David Hume Tower LG.11 from 7pm-9pm.

We’ll be watching Star Wars: Rebels, Dollhouse, Futurama and Adventure Time, then heading to the pub to hang around and chat!

Freshercon 2016 – EVEN MORE DETAILS

We’ll be watching The LEGO Movie!

That’s actually the only new detail but here are some old ones to make the post longer.

Freshercon will take place in the Teviot Dining Room, between 7pm and 11pm on Thursday 15th September. There are lots of exciting prizes to be won in the quiz, and plenty of snacks and soft drinks will be provided!

Freshercon 2016

Freshercon is our annual Freshers’ Week (Welcome Week?) event!

This year, Freshercon will take place on Thursday 15th September, between 7pm and 11pm in the Teviot Dining Room.

We’ll be watching a sci-fi or fantasy film, then having a quiz with fabulous prizes! We’ll also provide various snack foods and soft drinks.

More details (e.g. what film we’re watching) will be provided closer to the start of the semester!

Semester Finished!

Both film nights and series nights are officially finished for the semester.

Series nights will resume on Thursday 22nd September. Film nights will resume on Saturday 24th September. Locations and series will be announced closer to September.

Our annual Freshers’ Week/Welcome Week event will also happen in September. We’ll be watching a film and have a quiz. More details will be posted here and on our social media pages closer to September.

End of Semester

Sciffy is nearly over for this semester!

The final series night will be next Thursday (31st March), in Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2 from 7-9pm.

The final film night is this Saturday (26th March), at 105/7 Buccleuch Street from 8pm.

Film nights and series nights will resume in September.

AGM 2016

As many of you are probably already aware, our AGM took place on Thursday 10th March.

After an incredible display of democracy in action, we’ve decided on next year’s committee!

President: Tay McDonald

Secretary: Arran Rashid

Treasurer: Esther Bates

Librarian: Sarah Beggs

Webmaster/mistress/slinger: Erin Corbett