These FAQs cover general society questions and the usual structure of Series/Film/Games Nights. For answers to questions about how Sciffy is dealing with the weird world situation and the current state of Series/Film/Games Nights, click here. This is an old version of the FAQs to be edited when in-person gatherings can resume.

This page will cover the answers to many Frequently Asked Questions, as well as some questions that are asked less frequently! Hopefully you can find the answer to your question here or elsewhere on the website! If not, don’t worry! You can contact us by email, Facebook or Twitter!

Series Night

When and where is Series Night?

Series Night will take place every Thursday, from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. We’ll normally start the shows as close to 7:00pm as possible, so make sure you’re on time if you don’t want to miss anything! Series Nights this semester (September 2020) will be held online via Microsoft Teams.

What is the format of Series Night?

Between 7:00pm and 9:30pm we all sit in a lecture theatre and watch the shows. After this, we then walk to the the pub at The Pleasance, where we stay for however long we feel like. Members can also visit our library and take out books.

What are you watching this semester?

  • Altered Carbon
  • Blackadder
  • Castlevania
  • Agents of Shield

I don’t like alcohol or pub food. Is it still worth me coming to the pub?

Absolutely! You don’t have to buy any food or drinks if you don’t want to. You can just sit at a table with the rest of the Sciffy members and chat. All of our members are friendly and they’re more than happy to chat to new members. And, especially in the first few weeks, there will be other new members who you can chat to/stand awkwardly beside and possibly befriend! And there’s our well-stocked library to visit too!

I’m not a big fan of one of the series you’re watching. What can I do?

We usually watch the series in the same order every week. So if we watch the series you don’t like at the start, then you can just show up late! Otherwise, feel free to go on a wander while the show you don’t like is on and then pop back in when a new show is starting.

What do you have in the library?

We have a wide range of books and comics, as well as some DVDs! You can take a look at our catalogue by clicking on the “Library” tab on the website. Our librarian is very knowledgeable about the contents of the library and can make recommendations if you’re not sure what to read next!

I missed a week of Series Night and now I’m behind on the shows! What can I do?

Every week, I’ll make a post in the “News” section of the website detailing which episodes we watched. I’ll also provide a summary of the episode, so you can either rely on my summary or just take note of the episode number and watch it in your own time!

Film Night

When and where is film night?

The location of film night this year is yet to be confirmed. Film night is roughly every second Saturday. It starts at 7pm and usually goes on until around 11pm-midnight. The first Film Night of this semester is on Saturday 22nd September.

If film night is cancelled, a post will be made on our Facebook page and an email will be sent out. We’ll also make a post/send out an email when Film Night is over for the semester.

What sort of things do you watch at Film Night?

We watch whatever we feel like! Feel free too bring along a copy of a film that you want to watch, or make suggestions of films that you’d like to see in case someone else has a copy. We try to stick to sci-fi and fantasy films, but we do sometimes go a bit off-genre! We watch a range of films, from high quality classics to terrible B-movies about aquatic animals.

Does it matter if I’m late to Film Night or have to leave early?

Nope! You may miss part of a film if you arrive late/leave early, but that’s not a problem. If you’re arriving late, it’s probably best if you arrive before 11pm just in case Film Night has finished early and everyone’s already left!

Can I bring my own food and drink to Film Night?

Yup, though don’t go overboard! Try not to bring anything too messy or smelly, and please either put your rubbish in the bin or (if you have quite a lot) take it away with you to put in a larger bin. We can provide plates and glasses if you need them, and any water that you might want to drink. We normally have some kind of random snack food as well, like Pringles or Maltesers. If you want to bring some alcohol, that’s alright but, again, don’t go overboard!

Games Night

What is Games Night?

Similar to Film Night, Games Night is every other Saturday. You can bring your own snacks, drinks, and games if you’d like. We play all sorts of games from Betrayal at the House of the Hill to Cards Against Humanity. We also play games such as Quiplash and other games in Jackbox. There is no time obligation so you can come and go how you please.


What is the membership fee?

Membership costs £3 for students (of any university) and £6 for non-students. Membership lasts for the whole year, and we’ll give you a little card to signify that you’re a member. You can pay your membership fee to any member of the committee or pay online via EUSA.

When do I have to pay?

There will be an opportunity to pay at the first Series Night of the semester, but you can come along for a week or two to try out the society before paying your membership fee if you like (as long as you pay at some point)! If you want to take anything out of the library, then you’ll have to pay and become an official member.

It’s the middle of the semester, can I start coming to Sciffy now?

You can! You may be slightly confused by the plots of the shows, but you can always catch up by reading the weekly summaries! Feel free to join Sciffy at any point during the year!

What emails will I receive if I’m on your mailing list? I don’t want spam!

We’ll send out emails at the beginning of the semester with details of shows etc. and at the end of the semester to let you know when the last meetings are. During the semester, we’ll send emails if there are any special events or changes to the usual routine (e.g. film night cancellations, changes of location).

I’m on your mailing list but I don’t want to be/I’m not on your mailing list and I’d like to be. How do I resolve this?

If you regularly attend Sciffy events then you can let us know there if you’d like to be added to/removed from the mailing list. If not, then you can email the committee ( and let us know that way. We clear the mailing list at the start of every year to try and prevent anyone from receiving unwanted Sciffy emails.