The Constitution

  • The name of the society shall be the Edinburgh University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, herein referred to as Sciffy.
  • The aim of the society shall be to provide a place to experience and discuss the science fiction and fantasy genres in all their forms.
  • The benefits of the society for its members shall be providing regular meetings for discussion and entertainment, access to a library of books and other media, and a way to meet like-minded genre fans.
  • The benefits of the society for the wider community shall be organising larger events for the attendance of non-members and keeping members away from the general population, where angry rants about the Kessel Run and Aquaman continuity can be safely contained.

      Membership clauses

  • Membership shall be open to all, including non-students.
  • Membership shall be at least 75% matriculated students of Edinburgh University.
  • All members who are not matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall pay twice the annual membership fee.

      Management clauses

  • The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the society (herein referred to as the Executive) shall be matriculated students of Edinburgh University. The positions must be held by three distinct people.
  • The President shall be ultimately responsible for the conduct of the society and organising events.
  • The Secretary shall be ultimately responsible for the administration of the society.
  • The Treasurer shall be ultimately responsible for the finances of the society.
  • Q Bear shall be ultimately responsible for the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The Webmaster and Librarian need not be matriculated students of Edinburgh University and both positions can be held alongside another.
  • The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining the society’s online presence, including the website and mailing lists.
  • The Librarian shall be responsible for the upkeep of the library and the lending of its contents to members.
  • The 2Libra2Rian Clause states that it is fine for there to be two librarians.
  • In the event that, after initial elections at a general meeting, the committee has fewer than five members due to someone holding multiple positions, up to two Ordinary Members will be elected to reach a total of five.
  • Ordinary Members need not be matriculated students of Edinburgh University but the position cannot be held alongside any other.
  • Ordinary Members shall be responsible for assisting other committee members in their more specific duties.
  • Society office bearers will attend annual society training as outlined by the Societies’ Team. In the event that EUSA forget we exist again and the office bearers at not made aware of any such training, they won’t be held responsible.
  • The society’s cheques must be signed by two members of the Executive. Wherever possible, members should avoid writing cheques to themselves. If this cannot be avoided, try laundering the money through a Swiss bank account – it’s worked before.
  • Sciffy’s library is available to all members. When books are not returned within the period specified by the Librarian (not less than two weeks), strong steps shall be taken to recover them. The Librarian shall be provided with a blunt object to assist in this procedure.
  • The committee may charge a deposit for items borrowed from the library.
  • The committee may choose to deny access to the library to members who have proven they cannot return or take care of the society’s property.
  • If the committee has not achieved world domination by the time of the next AGM, they shall be declared incompetent and the same committee shall not be re-elected, as according to the prophecy.

      AGMs and EGMs

  • All members must receive at least 14 days written/email notification of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or of any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
  • Motions for consideration must be submitted in advance of the AGM/EGM.
  • All office-bearers shall be subject to election annually at the AGM.
  • All members shall be entitled to vote in elections and stand for non-Executive committee posts.
  • All members who are matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall be entitled to stand for Executive posts.
  • The Executive must be assigned to the Society Profile (or whatever society management system EUSA has invented this week) as soon as possible after election.
  • The President may call an Extraordinary General Meeting for matters arising in the course of the year which require consideration by members.
  • In the event of an Executive position becoming vacant, President will call an EGM to elect a replacement. In the event of the President position becoming vacant, the remaining committee members shall execute Operation Thrifty Hedgehog, as detailed in the sealed envelopes they receive upon election, and rendezvous at Rally Point Beta (the pub in the Pleasance). There, they shall call an EGM and never speak of the preceding events again.
  • The quorum of a general meeting shall be 20% of the student membership of the society (rounding up) in order to validate any decisions/votes made
  • Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority at a general meeting open to all members.
  • A pineapple shall be brought to each AGM to be ritually sacrificed by the incoming President and chunks of the flesh shall be distributed amongst the members, as according to the prophecy.

      Constitutional clauses

  • Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority at an AGM or EGM open to all members; 14 days notice of which shall be given EUSA considers the ruling society constitution to be that which is displayed on the Society Profile.
  • The constitution shall be upheld by curses, hexes and sundry other natural, unnatural and supernatural means (inc. Law Enforcement Droids), at committee discretion.

      Policy clauses

  • Re-registration of the society must be submitted prior to Week 12 of Semester 2. The AGM will take place prior to this, in weeks 7 to 11.
  • The society has taken and will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that our meetings, events and socials are accessible to all.
  • The society has ensured and will continue to ensure that it complies with any relevant data protection legislation.
  • The society believes that discrimination or harassment, direct or indirect, based on a person’s gender, age (except where it relates to licensing laws), race, skin colour, nationality, religious belief, socio-economic background, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, family situation, domestic responsibilities, species, supernatural abilities (science or magic-based), Star Trek captain preference or any other irrelevant distinction, is detrimental to the society, the university and wider society, and will not be tolerated.
  • Suspected commie mutant traitors shall be allowed into the society on the condition that they submit to an interrogation by The Computer, after which they shall be executed for being commie mutant traitors.
  • The society shall abide by any applicable laws, bye-laws and guidelines of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association in relation to recognised societies.
  • Members shall receive a membership card upon joining Sciffy.
  • The right of Sciffy members to bear arms shall not be infringed, unless the bears need them.
  • Life membership shall be honorary, awarded to those persons who have performed outstanding service to Sciffy. Life membership shall be nominated and put to general vote at a general meeting.
  • At intermittent periods, persons who have performed outstanding service to Sciffy, and/or the genre in general, shall be nominated for a Xeno award. If anyone knows what a Xeno award is, they are encouraged to inform the committee.
  • Questioning the prophecy is forbidden, as according to the prophecy.
  • There is no rule 30.
  • Irish shall not be allowed to suggest things. Not the Irish as a whole, just Irish, the person.
  • This clasue si misspeelled (as ackording tu the profeky).

      The Most Important Clauses

  • None of the above is to be taken very seriously.


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