There are five positions on the Sciffy committee – President, Treasurer, Secretary, Librarian, and Webmaster. In line with EUSA rules, the president, treasurer, and secretary must be separate people and must all be students. However, people with another position and non-students can be librarian or webmaster. Elections are held at our Annual General Meeting, late in the second semester (typically mid-March). In addition to their listed duties, all the committee members have a say in the running of the society and help out with events.


The president is, in theory, in charge of the whole society. Whether this has ever been true in practice is debatable.

The current president is Amadea de Silva Wheeler.


The treasurer is in charge of tracking and managing Sciffy’s funds.

The current treasurer is Ronan “Nanna” McNabb.


The secretary is responsible for any paperwork the society needs doing as well as communicating with members, EUSA, and other societies.

The current secretary is Perrin Grant.


The librarian manages our library, letting people take out books and injuring anyone who doesn’t return them.

The current librarian is Ewan Conway.


The webmaster maintains Sciffy’s website and mailing list.

The current webmaster is Amadea de Silva Wheeler.

Ordinary members

Ordinary members are elected if someone else holds two positions, to make sure the committee always has at least five members. Ordinary members have no specific duties but just generally help out when needed.

Alastair Haig is our ordinary member, but prefers the title Shadowmaster. I assure you, he has specific duties. No, you are not allowed to know what they are.

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