Series So Far

As I have neglected the show summaries for the past few weeks, I’ll provide an overview of anything that’s happened that is likely to be important in future episodes!

Warehouse 13: Someone was trying to hack into the warehouse computer system and Artie was not pleased. It turned out to be a young woman named Claudia Donovan, who showed up and kidnapped Artie. Her older brother Joshua had been “killed” 12 years ago while doing some mad science teleportation experiment and she held Artie responsible because he hadn’t stopped Joshua. Claudia now believed that Joshua was still alive and trapped in another dimension. With Artie’s help, they managed to rescue him and the pair came back to the warehouse for a while before Joshua left to go and explore the world a bit. Myka and Pete have solved numerous cases involving artifacts including a chair, a sculpture and a record.

Hitchhiker’s Guide: We have now finished all 6 episodes! So this week we’re moving onto Dirk Gently. In the last few episodes of Hitchhiker’s Guide, the team went to Magrathea and met Slartibartfast. They learnt that Earth was basically just a big computer running a program to determine what the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything was (the answer was 42). They then accidentally travelled very far into the future to end up at the restaurant at the end of the universe. They stole a ship belonging to a famous rock band, and then had to teleport away from it before it crashed into the sun. Ford and Arthur ended up on an ark ship that then crash-landed on prehistoric Earth.

Legend of Korra: The Fire Ferrets do well enough to make it into the pro-bending tournament. However, a large entry fee is required. Bolin does work for the triads to get money, but gets into trouble. Korra and Mako go to rescue him, where the encounter Amon and his Equalist followers. They learn that Amon has the power to take away anyone’s bending abilities permanently. Korra is very frightened of Amon but later agrees to join an anti-Equalist taskforce led by Councilman Tarrlok. Mako gets hit by a girl on a moped. Her name is Asami and she has a very rich father, who agrees to sponsor the Fire Ferrets so they can enter the tournament. Asami and Mako start dating, Korra confesses her feelings to Mako, Mako rejects Korra, Korra goes out for the evening with Bolin, Korra kisses Mako, Bolin sees and is sad. This affects their performance in the tournament, but they get over it and make it to the final. They’re up against the Wolfbats and everyone is on high alert because Amon threatened the stadium. The Wolfbats win by cheating and then Amon bursts into the stadium and takes away the Wolfbats’ bending. Korra and Lin Beifong attempt to stop Amon as he flies away in his blimp, but they fail.

Steven Universe: Steven has attempted to eat breakfast, fought a fry monster, and turned into a ball of cats.

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