Week 2 – 21/1/16

Warehouse 13 “S01E01 – Part 2”: Pete and Myka travel to Iowa to meet the alleged domestic abuser. He seems perfectly normal until he starts speaking Italian and destroys the room. The pair also meet his lawyer and family friend. They go to see a professor of Italian at the university, who later goes to a petrol station and sets himself on fire. They also visit the accused’s girlfriend, who is going to be in a play. In the professor’s office they find a book with a hole in it, and determine that the artifact that they’re looking for is probably what fits in the hole. Artie finally manages to retrieve a portrait from the back of Warehouse 13 and is about to inform the duo that they are looking for a hair comb. Before he can do this, Pete notices that the lawyer is wearing a hair comb the same shape as the hole in the book, and she flips over the car they’re driving and escapes. Pete and Myka arrive at an outdoor teenage party celebrating the play and discover that the hair comb is channeling the spirit of Lucrezia Borgia. The teenagers are all being subjected to her mind control. They manage to neutralise the comb and save the day.

Hitchhiker’s Guide “S1E02”: Ford and Arthur are subjected to Vogon poetry before being thrown out of the ship via an airlock. Luckily they are picked up by a ship containing an infinite improbability drive. The ship happens to be piloted by Ford’s semi-cousin Zaphod Beeblebrox and Tricia McMillan (“Trillian”). Marvin the Paranoid Android takes Ford and Arthur to meet Trillian and Zaphod.

Legend of Korra “S1E02 – A Leaf in the Wind”: Korra struggles to learn airbending and accidentally destroys a piece of antique training equipment. She listens to pro-bending on the radio, but Tenzin bans it. She defies him and goes to the mainland where she meets Fire Ferrets Mako and Bolin. They fall out with their third teammate and Korra offers to take his place. She struggles at first, but eventually uses airbending techniques to help the team win. Tenzin has come to watch and he is impressed. He grants her permission to stay in the team as training.

Steven Universe “S1E02 – Laser Light Cannon”: A large eye appears in the sky and the only thing that can stop it is a light cannon that previously belonged to Rose Quartz, Steven’s mother. He gets his father to help him search through an old storage unit to find it. They get the cannon to work and destroy the eye.

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