Week 1 – 14/1/16

Warehouse 13 “Pilot” (Part 1) – Agent Myka Bering is highly organised and likes to follow a plan, whereas Pete Lattimer is more free-spirited and likes to trust his feelings. When a (clearly not particularly professional) museum curator cuts himself on an Aztec Bloodstone and becomes a murderous zombie, they both play a role in protecting the President. The next day, they travel to a remote warehouse in South Dakota after they are ordered to by a mysterious Mrs Frederick. They meet a man named Artie who runs Warehouse 13, home of many magical and dangerous artifacts. The pair are told that they now work here, which they are not happy about. They retire to a nearby B&B until the next day they they are sent to investigate some domestic abuse that may not be what it seems.

THGTTG “Episode 1” – Arthur Dent’s house is going to be demolished to make way for a bypass, so he lies down in front of the bulldozer. His best friend Ford Prefect visits and tells Arthur that they should go to the pub right now. Arthur eventually agrees to go with Ford, and Ford informs him that the world is about to be destroyed. A Vogon construction fleet appears in the sky and blows up Earth, but Ford is able to transport himself and Arthur onto a Vogon ship. Ford reveals that he is not from Earth, and was actually only visiting to find out more information about the planet for the next edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy. Ford and Arthur creep around the Vogon ship, but their presence is discovered and Ford expresses concern that they may have to listen to Vogon poetry.

Legend of Korra “S1E01: Welcome to Republic City” – Korra has learnt to control 3 of the 4 elements and Aang’s son Tenzin is meant to teach her to air-bend. Unfortunately, he feels that he can’t leave Republic City in the state it’s in so Korra decides to travel there in order to learn. She discovers that the city is home to an anti-bender movement lead by Amon. When a group of benders try to extort money from a shopkeeper, she fights them and ends up being arrested by Toph’s daughter – head of the metalbending police force. Tenzin tells Korra that she has to go back to the South Pole, but then relents and says that she can stay to learn air-bending.

Steven Universe “S01E01 – Gem Glow” – Steven is sad because Cookie Cat ice cream sandwiches are no longer being made. Luckily the Gems have managed to stockpile some for him. As he happily eats one, his gem starts to glow and he is able to produce a shield. A giant centipede attacks, and Steven believes that the Cookie Cats hold the key to him being able to activate his powers.



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