Week 1 – 24/9/15

We watched:

Terra Nova – S1E01 “Genesis Part 1” (two part episode, we stopped about 42 minutes in): Police officer Jim Shannon and his wife Dr Elisabeth Shannon had an illegal child about 3 years ago. Population control officers come round to their house and discover young Zoe and, fearing for her safety, Jim attacks them. He gets arrested and is sent to prison. A couple of years later, Elisabeth is approached to travel through a rift in time to go to a parallel universe where dinosaurs roam the Earth. This sounds much nicer than the highly polluted dystopian future in which she currently lives. But she’s only allowed to take her two legal children with her, so she forms an elaborate plan to break her husband out of prison and smuggle him and the child through the portal. They get to Terra Nova successfully. Elisabeth must get to grips with strange new medicine, Commander Nathaniel Taylor assigns Jim to agriculture duty, Maddy hangs about, Zoe keeps wandering off, and Josh is off being rebellious and stroppy.


Hyperdrive – S1E01 “A Gift from the Glish”: Commander Henderson offends two ambassadors from the Glish by not allowing them to rub their genitals on his face. Not only do they refuse to set up business in Peterborough, they also release a dangerous creature onto the ship. First Officer York sets about trying to capture the creature. Henderson and Teal invite an old friend of Teal’s onto the ship in an attempt to convince him to come to Peterborough. Unfortunately, the Glish creature runs amok on the ship and kills several people. Teal’s friend does not wish to sign the agreement.


Young Justice – S1E01 “Independence Day”: Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy and Robin look forward to finally being invited into the Justice League HQ. However Speedy becomes angry when he discovers that they’re not actually being let into the Super Secret Space Base. He storms off, and then the Justice League members leave to go and save the day somewhere else. The other sidekicks decide to prove their worth by going to investigate a fire at Cadmus. They discover that Mark Desmond is creating an army of Genomorphs as weapons. They also discover a clone of Superman. He is under the control of Desmond and he attacks the sidekicks, defeating them easily.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch – S1E01 “Pilot”: Sabrina Spellman wakes up on her 16th birthday and her aunts tell her that she’s a witch. She doesn’t believe them and heads off to school, where she befriends Harvey and Jenny and makes an enemy of popular girl Libby. After school, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda convince Sabrina that she is a witch with the help of Sabrina’s father (who is currently in the magical realm). Sabrina practices magic but appears to only be able to turn things into pineapples. The next day at school, she accidentally turns Libby into a pineapple. Her aunts manage to reverse the spell and Libby is saved. But Libby is incredibly confused and calls Sabrina a freak. Sabrina is worried that her reputation is ruined and she goes to appeal to the Witch Council to let her turn back time so she doesn’t use magic on Libby. Her request is denied. Aunt Hilda used to date Drell from the Council, so she goes to appeal on Sabrina’s behalf and her wish is granted. She redoes the day and Libby is never turned into a pineapple.

Semester 1 Series Night

Series Night will be happening every Thursday from 7pm – 9pm in Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2. After watching the shows, we’ll head to the pub at the Pleasance to hang out, chat, and visit our well-stocked library! The first Series Night of this semester will be on Thursday 24th September.

This semester we’ll be watching episodes from 4 different series. I’ve linked their Wikipedia articles below (though beware of potential spoilers!) and have also provided my own very vague description of the plot!

Terra Nova: A family is sent through time to a parallel world in order to join a new human colony there. Unfortunately for the colonists, this world is full of dinosaurs (and also people with guns).


Young Justice: Teenage superheroes/sidekicks get together and save the day.


Hyperdrive: A group of British people fly around in their spaceship.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The live-action version! A teenage girl discovers she has magical powers. She learns to use them with the help of her aunts and her magical talking cat.