Week 9 – 19/3/15

Being Human – S2E04: George gets a job teaching English as a second language. Mitchell gets the idea to start running AA-style meetings for the vampires to help them give up blood. Annie is nearly dragged through a door  after trying to help a newly-dead drug addict, but is saved by a ghost from World War 2 named Sykes. George buys tranquilisers and a cage and manages to put the wolf to sleep for the duration of the full moon. However, he starts becoming incredibly angry and swearing uncontrollably. He begins dating a woman from the school where he works, but his odd behaviour is irritating the school’s principal. The principal scolds George and demands that he apologises for both his behaviour and for dating the woman, who the principal is interested in and often harasses. George attacks the principal in a fit of rage, and realises that the wolf is trying to get revenge because George subdued it. Annie convinces Sykes to help her fight the men from the other side. He teaches her to turn off televisions and radios with her mind, as the men use these to communicate. They then summon the men to the house and Annie is able to see through their tricks and shuts the door that appears for her. Mitchell convinces Ivan to join the meetings, to give them some credibility. However, Ivan realises that he cannot go without blood after so many years. Mitchell provides him with a girl to drink from, and Ivan agrees to pretend to have gone dry in order to allow the meetings to continue. Nina is placed into the pressure chamber by Kemp and the experiment begins. Nina’s nose begins to bleed and she feels unwell. Lucy puts a stop to the experiment, stating that Nina is necessary to get to George.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E08 “Justice”: The crew stop for shore leave at a planet named Rubicun III. The residents of this planet look human and are very interested in love. A small shore party, including Wesley Crusher, beam down and are warmly welcomed. Wesley goes to play with the native children, and accidentally falls into a flower bed. Unfortunately, this flower bed was in the “Punishment Zone” for the day. Wesley is therefore sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Picard is confused by a strange ship near the planet that seems to be both there and not there. A floating orb from the ship appears and tells Picard to leave its children alone, before exchanging information with Data by binding briefly to his head. Picard beams down to see what can be done about Wesley. He discovers that the Edo (the natives of this planet) worship the strange ship as a god. The Edo say they cannot break their laws and allow Wesley to go free, as this would lead to chaos. Picard doesn’t want to go against the Prime Directive by rescuing Wesley, but eventually decides he must do so. He rescues Wesley and informs the strange ship, which then disappears.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E11 “The Great Divide”: The Gaang must cross a huge canyon, with the help of an Earth Kingdom guide. Unfortunately, they are accompanied by two tribes that have been feuding for 100 years. The guide is injured by Canyon Crawlers, which were attracted by the food that both tribes brought into the canyon despite being told not to. Aang takes charge and instructs the tribes to walk on either side of the canyon, dividing by a wall of rock. Katara goes with one tribe, Sokka with the other and Aang goes down the middle along the wall. Katara and Sokka are told about the feud’s origins, but each tribe has a different story. In the end, the tribe’s must work together to lure in some Canyon Crawlers so that everyone can escape from the canyon. Aang makes up a lie about how he knew the people involved in the feud and states that it was all just a big misunderstanding. The tribes decide to try and get along from now on.

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