Week 8 – 12/3/15

Being Human – S2E03: An engaged couple have been attacked by a vampire in the park. The girl is dead, but her fiance is still alive though unconscious. Mitchell gathers the local vampires together and tries to convince them to stop killing or else they’ll end up revealing themselves. He tells them to not kill until he can sort some things out and leaves. Hugh is upset about Annie leaving (because he can no longer see her) so Annie convinces George to help her set Hugh back up with his ex, Kirsty. They find Kirsty, who clearly misses Hugh and George goes on a date with her. He intends to make it a terrible date so she’ll realise how great Hugh was, but it turns out she really loves German cinema and kebabs. Cara the vampire kills 2 girls outside a shopping centre. Mitchell speaks to the police chief who agrees to cooperate with him in exchange for money. Mitchell speaks to the coroner, who still refuses to help. The police chief gave Mitchell some “leverage”, pictures of the coroner’s grandchildren going about their daily lives. Mitchell gives the pictures to the coroner and promises nothing will happen to the children if he cooperates. The coroner lets Mitchell know about the 2 girls being killed, so Mitchell calls together the vampires. He discovers that Cara killed them and locks her away. George tells Kirsty that he’s too heartbroken from Nina to pursue a relationship, and Kirsty says that she too is heartbroken. George convinces her to contact Hugh so that they can get back together. Mitchell goes out for a drink with Lucy, his doctor friend, but is very quiet. She gets angry at him and leaves. The boy from the park wakes up, but the police chief has him killed. He makes it look like a suicide and closes the case. Mitchell and George discuss the funeral parlour where the vampires hang out, and the secret religious organisation listen in. However, George picks up the bug along with his glasses and washes it down the sink, thinking it’s dirt. Mitchell heads to the funeral parlour and makes an example of Cara to convince the other vampires to behave. He takes her down to the underground cave and smashes out her teeth. He then seals the entrance to the cave and leaves her there. George receives a phone call from Nina. She says goodbye to him and that she loves him. We see that she is with the old religious man (Kemp) and also with Lucy, who it turns out works with the anti-supernatural organisation as well.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S5E08 “Unification -Part 2”: Spock tells Picard about his mission to re-unify the Vulcans and the Romulans. There is an underground movement of Romulan people that supports peace. Spock goes to speak with the Romulan Proconsul, who is surprisingly in favour of re-unification. Riker and rest of the crew find the ex-wife of the pilot whose ship they exploded. She tells them about his business partner, a Ferengi who frequents the bar where she works. They hang around until the Ferengi arrives and threaten him until he reveals that they took the stolen Vulcan ship parts to a sector near Romulus. Data hacks into the Romulan computers and discovers a coded message reading “1400”. He conveys this to Spock, who recognises it to mean 1400 hours, the time he is due to broadcast a message with the Proconsul about re-unification and peace. Pardek betrays the group and Spock, Picard and Data are captured by Sela (Tasha Yar’s half-Romulan daughter from an alternate timeline). Sela explains that stolen Vulcan ships will be filled with Romulan soldiers and sent to Vulcan, disguised as a peace envoy. Spock refuses to broadcast a message to the Vulcans to tell them that the ships are a peace envoy, so Sela says she’ll use her holographic Spock. While she is out of the room, Data reprograms the hologram machine to create Riker and a couple of Starfleet soldiers, as well as a fake wall. Picard and Spock overpower Sela and the Romulan soldiers while they are distracted by the holograms. Spock broadcasts a message saying the Vulcan ships must be stopped, and the Enterprise blocks the ships. A cloaked Romulan warbird appears and destroys the ships, killing all the troops rather than letting them be captured. Spock opts to stay on Romulus and continue his mission, and he and Picard mind-meld.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E10 “Jet”: The Gaang meets Jet and his group of freedom fighters, who live in a treehouse in the forest. Katara quickly becomes infatuated with Jet, but Sokka is suspicious of him. Sokka is even more suspicious when he witnesses Jet and friends mug an old man, but Jet convinces Aang and Katara that the man was a Fire Nation assassin. Jet convinces Aang and Katara to waterbend and fill the reservoir, supposedly to help put out forest fires. Sokka discovers that Jet’s real plan is to blow the dam and flood the nearby town, drowning both the Fire Nation soldiers and the innocent Earth Kingdom villagers. Katara and Aang realise too late what Jet’s plan really is. Katara freezes Jet to a tree and they all watch as the village is flooded. Sokka appears on Appa and reveals that he managed to evacuate the village, earning the Fire Nation’s trust thanks to the old man from earlier vouching for him.

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