Week 7 – 5/3/15

Being Human – S2E02: Mitchell is chatting with his doctor friend when she goes to declare a man dead. Mitchell recognises the man as Dan, the human lover of a vampire named Carl. Mitchell once lived with Carl and Dan in the 80’s, when Carl was trying to help him give up blood. Annie is enjoying chatting to Saul at the pub, but he begins to hear televisions speaking to him. Terry Wogan informs him that Saul and Annie would make a wonderful couple. George is confronted by Ivan, who asks him how he made Daisy feel again. Carl tells Mitchell that he lost control and killed Dan, and Mitchell agrees to help him avoid the police. Herrick is no longer around to cover up vampire-related deaths, and the coroner that used to be paid by the vampires to keep quiet is now refusing to help Mitchell. Saul tells Annie that he had a bad car accident and was dead for 6 minutes. He says that he saw a corridor, and Annie shared that she has also seen the corridor. Annie invites Saul out for the afternoon, much to the disappointment of Hugh, her boss. Annie and Saul go to Saul’s house, but he hears voices from the television again and tries to assault her. She teleports away. Mitchell is angry that she teleported in front of someone, but George tries to comfort her. Hugh comes round to see her and admits he has feelings for her. Mitchell hatches a plan to help Carl escape, and gets George to help him. Carl breaks into the flat he shared with Dan (now a crime scene) and pretends to have committed suicide. Mitchell and George head to the hospital, where they discover that Saul has been drink-driving and has been in an accident. Mitchell helps Carl escape from the morgue by hitting the fire alarm. George is confronted by Nina, who is angry that he’s helping Carl, a murderer. Annie is left alone with Saul, who dies. Saul’s ghost appears, as does a door. The radio tells Saul to drag Annie through the door and he will be allowed to live. The voices are angry that Annie did not go through her door when it appeared for her. Annie manages to stop Saul dragging her through, so Saul goes instead. Mitchell and George hand Carl over to Ivan, who has arranged for him to leave the country and begin life with a new identity. Nina leaves the house overnight because she doesn’t want to become like George and Mitchell. She tells Mitchell that people like them shouldn’t be out in the streets. The old religious man and his team are now listening into the house and discover Nina’s hatred for being a werewolf. The old man speaks to her at the station. Annie heads to work, but finds that she is now invisible to Hugh.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S5E07 “Unification – Part 1”: Picard is informed that Ambassador Spock has been spotted on Romulus and may have defected. He goes to visit Spock’s father, Sarek, who is dying. Sarek and Spock fell out many years ago, but Sarek still loves his son. Sarek tells Picard that Spock may be visiting Pardek, a Romulan Ambassador. Pardek and Spock met many years ago and hoped to bring peace between Vulcans and Romulans. Picard requests a cloaked ship from the Klingons. The Klingons fly him and Data to Romulus. They receive word of Sarek’s death as they travel. Picard and Data dress as Romulans to try and blend in. They are spotted by Pardek’s men and brought into a cave, where they are met by Pardek and Spock. Meanwhile, Riker and the rest of the crew are investigating the wreckage of a Vulcan ship, the T’Pau. They visit the depot where it is supposed to be stored, but find it to be missing. They also find another ship missing, but the second ship has cargo beamed to it every day. The Enterprise hides in the depot, and an unknown ship appears around cargo-beaming time. Riker hails the ship but they open fire. Riker opens fire in return, but the enemy ship’s cargo is volatile and the ship explodes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E09 “The Waterbending Scroll”: Katara tries to teach Aang waterbending. To her annoyance, he learns it with ease. He ends up washing away the group’s supplies, so they head to a nearby port to buy more. Iroh has lost the lotus tile he needs for his game, so he and Zuko head to the same port. The Gaang head onto a pirate ship, where they see a waterbending scroll for sale. However, it is far out of their price range. While Aang haggles, Katara steals the scroll. The pirates chase the group but they manage to escape. Aang and Sokka are angry at Katara for stealing the scroll, but Aang says they might as well use it now that they have it. Katara struggles to learn the water whip, which Aang learns easily. She loses her temper with him and they decide to put the scroll away. Zuko and Iroh meet the pirates, and agree to help them get the scroll back from the Avatar and his friends. Katara takes the scroll to practice waterbending during the night, giving away her location to the pirates and Zuko. The trio are captured, but Sokka manages to turn the firebenders and the pirates against each other. A fight ensures, and Sokka, Katara and Aang manage to steal the pirate’s boat. They come to a waterfall, but are rescued by Appa. Iroh discovers that his lotus tile was in his sleeve all along.

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