Week 6 – 26/6/15

Being Human – S2E01: Nina is now living in the house with George, Annie and Mitchell, but she and George are barely interacting. While at the pub with Mitchell, George is attacked by a pair of vampires and he and Mitchell chase them to a car park. George confronts the female vampire (Daisy), who seduces and kisses him. Mitchell speaks to the male (Ivan) and they discuss the fact that vampires will keep attacking George because he killed Herrick. Nina tells Annie about the werewolf scratch on her arm, but hasn’t told George yet. The next night, George goes to the forest and Annie accompanies Nina to the room under the hospital. George kills a stag while in wolf form. It turns out Nina has been infected and she turns into a wolf for the night. Meanwhile, the old man who previously interviewed Owen is performing an experiment on another werewolf. The old man and another man are trying to see if they can cure a werewolf using pressure. This results in the werewolf’s blood being forced out of his body, and he dies. Nina and Annie go home and see Mitchell, who revealed he knew about Nina. George is woken up in the forest by Daisy, and ends up having sex with her. He returns home and has a fight with Nina, accusing her of making everything about her and only staying with George because she’s sleeping with Mitchell. Nina reveals to George that he infected her. When they next encounter each other at the hospital, George cries and apologises and is wracked with guilt. During the course of these couple of days, Annie has got a job at a pub. She invites her first customer to use the phone at the house, as there isn’t one in the pub. Mitchell and George also arrive at the house, as does a man who says that there’s a gas leak in the street. The entire street is evacuated, and is served tea/coffee from the house and alcohol from the pub. It turns out that there isn’t a gas leak and it’s just the old man and his team trying to take a look round the house. The old man wanders through every room chanting passages from the bible.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E25 “Conspiracy”: The crew are on their way to Pacifica to have a holiday. Unfortunately, they must take a detour as Picard receives a secret message from his friend Captain Walker, requesting a meeting. Picard meets Walker on a deserted planet, and Walker reveals his fears that something is wrong in Starfleet. He claims strange orders are being issued and that the people he speaks to don’t seem to remember their own pasts. Picard returns to the Enterprise, but as the ship leaves the planet the crew see that Walker’s ship has been destroyed. On Picard’s orders, Data searches through a database of Starfleet orders and does find them to be unusual. The Enterprise flies to Earth to meet with Starfleet Command. Admirals Savar and Arron invite Picard and Riker to dinner, and Admiral Quinn requests a tour of the Enterprise. Riker stays on board the ship to show Quinn around, and Picard beams down. Quinn shows Riker an alien parasite and then attacks him. Riker manages to call security but is knocked out. Worf and Geordi manage to incapacitate Quinn and call Dr Crusher. Riker and Quinn are taken to sick bay, and Beverly discovers a small gill sticking out of Quinn’s neck. She contacts Picard and warns him about the alien parasites. Picard chats to the admirals on Earth and then joins them for dinner. When the lids are lifted from the dinner bowls, he sees that the meal is some kind of worms. Everyone else round the table starts eating the worms and he realises they have been infected with the parasites. Riker arrives at the meal, but has a fake gill sticking out from his neck. He joins the admirals at the table. The parasites reveal that they have taken over the brains of many members of Starfleet. Just before Riker takes a bite of the worms, he pulls out his phaser and he and Picard shoot the admirals. The parasites leave the bodies and return to the mother parasite. Picard and Riker follow them and destroy the mother parasite.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E08 “Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice Part 2)”: The Gaang travel to the Fire Nation, with Zuko following them. They reach a Fire Nation blockade led by Commander Zhao, which catapults fireballs at them. They manage to dodge the attacks and pass the blockade. Zuko’s ship is damaged but Zhao lets him pass, with the intention of following him to the Avatar’s destination. Aang reaches the temple but is attacked by the Fire Sages, who are now loyal to the Fire Nation rather than the Avatar. A friendly Fire Sage helps the group escape and get up to Avatar Roku’s chamber. The group trick the Fire Sages into opening the door to the room, and Aang dashes in. Zuko arrives and captures Sokka and Katara, and then Zhao arrives. Aang speaks to Avatar Roku, who tells him about Sozin’s comet. This comet will come at the end of summer and it’s power will make the Fire Nation undefeatable if Aang doesn’t stop them. Aang leaves the chamber and Avatar Roku’s spirit helps him defeat the Fire Nation soldiers and destroy the island. Aang, Sokka and Katara then fly away on Appa.

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