Innovative Learning Week – 19/2/15

Being Human – S1E06: The season finale. Mitchell is rushed to hospital and Annie misses going through her door so she can go with him and George. The hospital staff are somewhat confused by Mitchell’s lack of heartbeat. Still weak, Mitchell needs to drink some blood in order to speed up the healing process. His former girlfriend from the 60s is ready to die and offers her blood to him. He drinks, killing her, and he is then able to leave the hospital. Mitchell then challenges Herrick to a fight on the condition that if Mitchell loses, Annie and George will be allowed to flee the country and not be hunted down. George and Annie don’t take this very well. George eventually agrees that it’s better for him and Annie to flee (along with Nina), angering Annie. However, George secretly goes to see Herrick and changes the location of the fight. While Mitchell waits on the hospital roof, Annie goes to attack the vampire headquarters. While there, one vampire mentions the fight being located in a “dungeon”. She teleports to Mitchell, and they start looking for George. They run past Nina, who informs them that George left her a letter in which he broke up with her. Annie and Mitchell find George in the hospital basement that he used to use for transforming. They eventually agree to allow George to fight Herrick, but Nina arrives and rushes in. George lunges at her then Mitchell and Annie get her out of the room. George finishes transforming and kills Herrick as the others watch. George and Nina later discuss his condition, and after George goes downstairs, we see claw scratches on Nina’s arm. The episode ends as we see Owen in some kind of psychiatric unit, speaking to a man about Annie and her friends. The man leaves and tells someone on the phone that he had “found them”, referring to our trio of protagonists.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E20 “Heart of Glory”: The crew discover a damaged ship in the neutral zone. They board it to find three Klingons, one of which is badly injured. The Klingons come to the Enterprise, and tell the crew that the ship was attacked by Ferengi. The badly injured Klingon dies, and the crew witnesses the Klingon death ritual. Worf spends some time with the Klingons to learn about them, as he was raised by humans. They reveal to him that they actually took over the ship in order to seek out warriors’ lives like Klingons should. The ship was damaged by other Klingons seeking to capture them in order to continue living in peace. A Klingon ship arrives and demands to be given the two fugitive Klingons so that they can be executed. Worf does not want them to be executed, as dying that way is not honourable for Klingons. The fugitives escape from the prison where they have been placed, with one of the two being shot and killed in the process. The remaining Klingon battles with Worf, who shoots and kills him.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E07 “The Spirit World (Winter Solstice Part 1): [Note, we skipped episode 6] The Gaang discover an area of forest that has been completely burned by the Fire Nation. An old man from a nearby village approaches them and requests the Avatar’s help to get rid of an evil black and white spirit that is terrorising his village and kidnapping people every night. Aang has no idea how the spirit world works, but he tries anyway. Sokka is kidnapped by the spirit and Aang chases him into the spirit world. Here he meets with the dragon belonging to the previous Avatar, Avatar Roku of the Fire Nation. The dragon shows him that he will be able to speak to Roku on the Winter Solstice, at a temple in the Fire Nation. Aang exits the spirit world and must try again to defeat the spirit. He realises that the spirit is not evil, and is actually the forest spirit, angry about the destruction of its home. Aang shows the spirit some acorns, proving that the forest will grow back, and it turns back into a panda spirit and returns the villagers and Sokka. Aang, Katara and Sokka then head to the Fire Nation for the Winter Solstice.

Week 5 – 12/2/15

Being Human – S1E05: Mitchell has rejoined the other vampires and has been helping them recruit terminally ill people from the hospital. Annie decides to haunt Owen to frighten him into confessing. Mitchell meets an old girlfriend of his and discovers that she’s near death. He offers to recruit her but she rejects him, saying mortality is part of being human. Annie’s attempts to haunt Owen fail, as he is not afraid of her and is still able to intimidate her like he did when she was alive. Mitchell discovers a group of humans being kept by the vampires as a food supply and is horrified, deciding to leave the group again. George and Annie storm the vampire headquarters to try and help him escape, and eventually the trio get out, with the help of Lauren. Mitchell stakes Lauren and kills her at her request. With the help of Mitchell’s vampirism and George’s lycanthropy, Annie is finally able to terrify Owen into confessing to the police. Her door appears in the living room, but right as she is about to go to the afterlife, Herrick appears at the house and stakes Mitchell.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E15 “11001001”: An alien race called the Bynars are updating the computer on the Enterprise. The Bynars are highly connected to the mother computer on their home planet, which holds vast amounts of information. The Bynars update the holodeck, and Riker enters a jazz bar simulation where he meets a very realistic woman named Minuet. Picard later joins him and the two are fascinated by how advanced Minuet is. While they are distracted, the ship has a major problem and is going to explode. Data and Geordi evacuate everyone from the ship, assuming that Picard and Riker have already left. It turns out that it was all a trick and the Bynars hijack the ship to take it back to their own planet. Riker and Picard leave the simulation eventually and discover the Bynars unconscious and a large amount of information stored on the ship’s computers. They discover from Minuet that the Bynar main computer was damaged by a supernova and all the data was lost. Without it, the Bynars can’t survive so Riker and Picard reupload the data. The Bynars fix the Enterprise’s computers and return to Starbase to stand trial for their crimes. The holodeck has been returned to normal and Minuet is no longer the woman she once was. Riker is sad.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E05 “The King of Omashu”: The Gaang travel to the Earth Nation to the city of Omashu, with Aang pretending to be Sokka and Katara’s grandfather in order to disguise his identity as the Avatar. Aang shows his friends how to use the mail system in the city as a system of slides and this gets them arrested. The King of Omashu encases Sokka and Katara in geminite, an expanding rock that will eventually cover them entirely. He challenges Aang to a series of challenges to save his friends. Aang manages to collect the king’s lunchbox key, find his pet and defeat him in a fight and then the king asks Aang if he can work out his name. Aang realises that the king is his old friend Boomy, who originally taught him the trick of using mail chutes as slides. Boomy reveals that geminite is actually just rock candy and he and Aang enjoy their reunion.

Week 4 – 5/2/15

We watched:

Being Human – S1E04: Mitchell befriends a young boy who lives across the road and accidentally gives him Lauren’s vampire porn instead of a Laurel and Hardy DVD. This leads to him being branded the neighbourhood paedophile and the house is pelted with rotten tomatoes and branded with graffiti. When the angry mob visits the house one night, the boy is hit by a car. Faced with his death, Mitchell tells the boy’s mother about vampires and she agrees that Mitchell should turn the boy. The boy and his mother then leave the town after clearing Mitchell’s name. Meanwhile, Annie is becoming a poltergeist due her anger at being murdered.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E13: The crew visit the planet where Data was discovered and find it completely devoid of living things. They do find a disassembled android that is identical to Data and take it back to the ship for assembly. He is named Lore and he quickly ingratiates himself with the crew. Lore turns out to be evil and is in league with the crystal alien that sucked the life out of the planet. He pretends to be Data and only Wesley Crusher notices what’s going on. Eventually the alien appears, but Wesley and his mother revive Data. Data manages to defeat Lore and the alien leaves the ship alone.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E04: Aang decides to visit Kyoshi Island so that he can ride elephant koi. He is nearly eaten by the giant unagi and the group is captured by the Kyoshi Warriors. The all-female warrior group releases the Gaang after learning that Aang is the Avatar. Aang enjoys all the attention, and a warrior named Suki teaches Sokka how to fight and how not to be sexist. Zuko manages to track Aang down and sets the village on fire. Before escaping on Appa, Aang harnesses the power of the unagi to spray water on the village and put out the fires.

Week 3 – 29/1/15

This week we watched:

Being Human – S1E03: Annie is upset because it’s nearly the date that she and Owen set for their wedding. Mitchell introduces her to an 80’s ghost, Gilbert. Annie and Gilbert hang out, have some Gilbert fun and try to work out what’s preventing Annie from entering the afterlife. Annie starts haunting Owen’s house, doing nice things for him like finding a bowl for his keys. Meanwhile, Mitchell sets up George on a date with Nina so that he can go and meet Lauren. Mitchell and Lauren drink each other’s blood. Gilbert passes over to the afterlife after falling in love with Annie, and Annie then discovers that Owen murdered her.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E03 “The Naked Now”: The crew are infected by some kind of strange disease that causes them to act strangely. Geordi is the first to be infected and he is distressed by his blindness. He infects Tasha, who wants to be beautiful. Tasha infects Deanna Troi after trying on some of her clothes, then infects Data (despite him being an android) by sleeping with him. Geordi also infects Wesley, who has been building a tractor beam and a machine that replicates Picard’s voice. Wesley uses these to take control of the ship. This is a big problem because a nearby star is about to explode. Dr Crusher becomes infected and infects Picard. The two experience some romantic tension and Dr Crusher works on a vaccine for the disease. Riker is infected by Troi, but his behaviour is virtually unchanged. Eventually the crew manages to get to Wesley and they are able to retake the ship and escape from the star. Everyone is cured by the vaccine.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E03 “The Southern Air Temple”: The Gaang travel to the Southern Air Temple, where Aang used to live. They discover that everyone was killed by the Fire Nation, including Monk Gyatso who mentored Aang. Aang enters the Avatar State because of his grief, alerting the world to his existence. Zuko runs into Commander Zhao and they battle to decide who will track the Avatar. Zuko wins the battle.