Week 1 – 15/1/15

To kick off the new semester we watched:

Being Human – S1E01: George the werewolf discovers that his previous full moon hideout is being renovated. He ends up transforming in the house and destroys most of the groups’ possessions. Annie the ghost learns that her former fiancé has moved on and is dating someone new. Mitchell the vampire struggles to control his bloodlust. A woman he previously bit (named Lauren) returns for revenge, killing a woman that Mitchell was on a date with.


Star Trek: The Next Generation – S1E01 “Encounter at Farpoint” (First half of double length episode): Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew journey to the mysterious Farpoint Station. On the way, they encounter Q (an omnipotent being who puts the crew on trial) and detach the Enterprise’s saucer. Q declares that humans are savage and dangerous. Picard and friends argue with Q and eventually Q agrees to let the crew prove that they are not savages. At Farpoint, first officer William Riker wanders around with the Crusher family. They discuss strange happenings at Farpoint, namely the fact that things you want tend to appear in front of you. Riker is beamed up to the Enterprise. O’Brien skilfully rejoins the saucer and the other part of the ship and Riker gets the credit. We learn that Picard is not good with children.


Avatar: The Last Airbender – S1E01 “The Boy in the Iceberg”: Siblings Katara and Sokka are fishing near their South Pole home. Katara’s angry waterbending results in their discovery of Aang the airbender inside a large iceberg. He has been frozen there with his flying bison (Appa) for about 100 years. He doesn’t reveal to anyone that he is the Avatar. Nearby, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation is lurking with his tea-loving Uncle Iroh. Katara and Aang explore an old Fire Nation ship and accidentally set off a flare, alerting Zuko to the presence of the village and the Avatar.

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