Week 5

On Thursday 16th October we watched:

Red Dwarf – “Episode 1 – The End” in which the crew of a mining ship named Red Dwarf is killed by a radiation leak. Dave Lister survives as he is in stasis at the time and is woken up 3 million years later by Holly, the ship’s computer. Holly has also brought back Rimmer (Lister’s roommate) as a hologram. Also on the ship is Cat, a human-feline who is descended from Lister’s pregnant cat who was sealed in the hold during the leak.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. – “Brisco in Jalisco” in which Brisco and Socrates travel to Mexico to retrieve some stolen guns. They encounter Dixie Cousins and the guy who painted the rock for John Bly in the first episode.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – “Episode 14 – Mystery in Space” in which Batman and Aquaman travel to the planet Rann to help Adam Strange stop the Gordanians destroying everything with their giant magnifying glass.

“Episode 15 – Trials of the Demon!” in which Jason Blood is falsely accused of murder and summons Batman to the past to help him prove his innocence. Batman, aided by the demon Etrigan as well as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, must stop Jim Craddock (pre-death Gentleman Ghost) who is murdering people to collect their souls.

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