Week 4

In week 4 we watched:

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. – “No Man’s Land” in which Brisco is injured by the Swill brothers but is rescued by Professor Wickwire who is on tour with his rocket car. The pair end up at a town inhabited only by women, along with Lord Bowler (who is on the hunt for a “mobile battle wagon”) and the Swill brothers (who have stolen said mobile battle wagon).

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century – “Episode 4 – The Adventure of the Empty House” in which a young man is not very good at some kind of shooting game but is in a professional league for some reason! He gets frozen by a teammate who was intent on winning the competition. The teammate (Moran) also happens to have been hired by Moriarty to kill Sherlock Holmes.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – “Episode 12 – Deep Cover for Batman” in which Batman travels to a parallel Earth disguised as Owlman to try and prevent the villain versions of our favourite heroes from destroying regular Earth. To do this he must team up with the hero versions of his many enemies.

“Episode 13 – Game Over for Owlman” – Unfortunately, while Batman was in a parallel universe, Owlman has stolen his identity and has been committing crimes. Batman must team up with Joker and try to convince his hero friends that Owlman is an imposter.

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