Sciffy update, week 1

We’re going to try a brave new experiment this semester – weekly blog posts summarising what we watched, what we’re going to watch, and any other upcoming events. Major stuff will still be sent to the mailing list and posted on the Facebook group but this way gets the information out if people want to catch up and avoids spam. We’ll see how well it works.

At series night, we watched the first half of the pilot episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (stopping at about 45 minutes in), the Samurai Jack episode “Jack Learns to Jump Good”, the Batman Beyond episode “Rebirth, Part 1” (the first half of the two-parter pilot), and the first half hour of the 1998 Merlin miniseries.

At film night, we followed our usual pattern of something short, something good, and something amazingly bad with the first episode of Spaced, Galaxy Quest, and the Asylum’s version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Robert Holmes.

At this week’s committee meeting, it was decided that our new membership cards are cool, that hobbits are basically rednecks, and that more committee members should show up to meetings if we want to get anything done.

The plan for next week is the rest of the Buck Rogers pilot, another randomly chosen Samurai Jack episode, “Rebirth, Part 2”, and the next half hour of Merlin. Film night is, as always, unplanned but The Princess Bride and Ralph Bakshi’s animated The Lord of the Rings have been suggested. Feel free to bring other stuff along or make suggestions in the comments.