Sciffy is the nickname of the University of Edinburgh Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, a student society dedicated to science fiction and fantasy in all their forms – books, films, TV shows, everything.

What does Sciffy do?

During the semester, on Thursdays we have our series night. We watch episodes of various TV shows for a couple of hours and then head to the pub (probably at Teviot). There will also be an opportunity to visit our library.

The series for next semester (September-December 2017) haven’t been determined yet. Series night will be held from 7-9pm every Thursday in a location that is also yet to be determined. The first series night of the semester will be on the 21st of September.

Film nights are roughly every second Saturday from 7pm at a member’s flat and don’t follow a strict schedule, showing pretty much whatever people bring along and want to watch. The first film night of the semester will be on the 23rd of September.

How do I join?

Membership costs £3 for students and £6 for non-students, which can be given to any member of the committee. You don’t have to be a member to come along for a week or two, though you will have to join if you want to take anything out of the library.